Our Story

A Journey of Faith and Woodworking: The Story of Rick and Lori

Hello glad to meet you. We're Rick and Lori, and our journey is a harmonious blend of faith and craftsmanship, a path that winds through the history of our lives and culminates in the story that began one November night in 2022.

Our story may lack the prestige, but it's a tale of faith and transformation that we're eager to share with you.

The Early Years

Before we get into the November encounter that changed everything, and our woodworking business, let's take a step back. We both come from backgrounds where family was important. Our upbringing was filled with the values of hard work, humility, however, not a lot of focus on God. We did attend church and both of us were saved, and we had a belief in God's presence.

Rick, with over three decades of experience, primarily crafted items that required engraving and personalization. His craftsmanship was meticulous, a testament to his dedication to the art of woodworking. While Rick honed his skills, Lori embarked on a career as a police dispatcher, a profession that demands resilience and quick thinking in the face of adversity.

Life's Challenges and Faithful Beginnings

Life, however, wasn't always a smooth journey for us. Rick faced personal trials, including the heartbreaking loss of his 3-year-old daughter to a drowning accident in 1993, a difficult divorce, and a battle with the darkest of thoughts. The weight of his struggles had pushed him to the brink of despair.

Lori, too, had her share of hardships, including a disabling horse-riding accident that she almost didn't survive. She thanks God every day that she is still here. She credit's Rick as he performed CPR that gave her time for the paramedics to arrive. A tumultuous, abusive marriage that ended in divorce. Despite the trials, our faith in God remained. At the worst of time, we turned to God to be that anchor that kept us grounded in even the stormiest of seas.

Our paths crossed almost two decades ago, and we've since become a blended family of seven children and 15 grandchildren. Our shared commitment to faith and the desire to help others led us to become foster parents, welcoming a daughter into our home that we adopted.

A Transformative Faith Journey

Our faith journey took a transformative journey that began with an encounter we couldn't have predicted. It was a November night, like any other, when Rick picked up a stranger on the side of the road. What happened next was nothing short of extraordinary.

This stranger, whose identity remains a mystery, shared a story that left us with more questions than answers. It's the kind of story that might lead some to believe we were either foolish or plain crazy for continuing the conversation. But our faith in God had already taught us that His ways are often mysterious and beyond human comprehension.

Was it an angel or even Jesus Himself? While some might balk at such a notion, we believe it was a divine encounter, a parable of sorts, through which God chose to impart a powerful message. It was a conversation that felt both safe and familiar, as if we'd known this person all our lives.

In the days and weeks that followed, the words spoken that night began to take on profound meaning. It was no longer a crazy story from a stranger; it was a calling, a divine message.

A Lesson in Trust and Fear

Before the encounter, we had been discussing trust. We asked ourselves a question: If God were to ask us to give away the $6,000 in our savings, would we, do it? Our initial response was one of reluctance; we clung to that money as a symbol of security.

Yet, the encounter with the stranger shifted something within us. It was as if God was saying, "Trust Me with everything—your life, your car, and your savings." In that moment, we realized that if we couldn't trust God with our lives, we couldn't trust Him with anything, not even our money.

The encounter also taught us about fear. Rick's initial thoughts were riddled with anxiety: fear of theft, harm, or abandonment. But amidst those fears, he chose to trust. Deep down, he was placing his faith in God, even when fear lingered in the background. It was a profound lesson in overcoming fear with faith.

The $6,000 Challenge and Transformation

Our journey was just beginning. The stranger had a suggestion. He had mentioned that we could sell his $25,000 truck and use the proceeds as we saw fit. It was an idea that stayed with us.

Come March 2023, as we drove our Suburban to church, a simple question awaited us at the door: "Isn't that a big truck for just the two of you?" That question, combined with a message from God at church, ignited something within us. We decided to sell the Suburban, and within 24 hours, we were offered $25,000.

But the story didn't end there. God kept speaking to us, urging us to take action with that $25,000. We had been studying about being good stewards of what God blesses us with, and it became evident that He wanted us to act. He planted the idea of giving away the crosses we had been crafting. The number 500 came to mind.

We did the math: $50 times 500 equals $25,000. The pieces of the puzzle fell into place. The stranger's suggestion became a reality. We sold the Suburban and used the $25,000 to give away 500 crosses, symbols of faith and hope, to those who needed them.

A Real-Life Lesson from God

That chance encounter had evolved into a real-life lesson from God, a testament to His faithfulness and the transformative power of trust and obedience. It was a journey that deepened our faith, reshaped our actions, and reinforced our belief that God's ways are indeed mysterious and beyond our understanding.

We invite you to join us on this journey—a journey of faith, woodworking, and the enduring belief that God can use even the most unexpected encounters to shape our lives and our purpose. Our mission is straightforward: to craft faith-infused pieces that inspire and bring a sense of God's presence into your home. Those crosses we give away. They're more than just wood; they're a reminder of God's love and a call to trust Him completely.

Much Love and Happiness,

Rick and Lori